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Healing Frontiers: Wolfeboro's Chiropractor

The Office

Welcome to Healing Frontiers, offering the very best in chiropractic health care.

We are committed to providing high quality, affordable care with a strong emphasis on education while bringing support and compassion to meet the needs of each patient. We are committed to offer the friendly, personal touch that has always been associated with our practice.

Chiropractic is an effective source of preventative and wellness care. The anatomical focus on the human spine has created the perception of the chiropractor as just a "back doctor." Although this perception is not entirely incorrect, it is very much incomplete. Chiropractic is an excellent resource in matters of work-place safety, stress management, injury prevention, postural correction and nutritional counseling.

Many people experience a surprising degree of recovery within the first several weeks of care despite the magnitude and long duration of their problems. We make recommendations for healthy lifestyle changes (exercise, nutrition, etc.) to support the healing process. It is our intent to help you in your quest for better health and to work with you on an individual basis. We provide care within your comfort levels and honor your personal goals through the process of wellness education.

We hope you enjoy the information within and share it with others. Again, thank you for visiting Healing Frontiers.
Yours in health,

Dr. Joseph Ranney, D.C.
Dr. Zachary Zdrada, D.C.