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Your First Visit

Plan on spending approximately 30 minutes with the Doctor on your initial visit. Subsequent visits are considerably shorter as you coordinate your Treatment Plan with our office.

The staff will have you complete paperwork prior to your appointment, including forms that cover your full health history. We then showcase our office with a full tour and discuss what a patient's typical office visit entails.

You will then meet with Dr. Ranney and review your health history. He will ask specific questions about your condition(s), discuss your health care goals and answer any questions you may have. He then performs a complete examination.

In addition, your specific condition(s) may require X-rays to assist in developing the most effective treatment plan for you. The doctor will typically discuss this with you during your visit.

Your Second Visit

This visit typically occurs within 1 or 2 days after your initial Consultation and Exam.

Dr. Ranney will have reviewed your information and have prepared a Report of Findings. During this visit, the doctor will discuss treatment options and recommend a Treatment Plan to address your condition(s). The Doctor will also administer your first adjustment.

A staff member from our Billing Department will then meet with you to discuss our Financial Policies, your Insurance(s) and other related billing items.

The last step is to set up your appointments based on the Treatment Plan to which you and Dr. Ranney have agreed. This will help ensure you get the appropriate Chiropractic care for optimum health!